IMPORTANT! Please read this carefully!

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We’ve noticed that many users disregard Guideline and Policies of our help desk. And those mistakes are delaying our support.

Our response time is usually less than 24 hours for tickets of high priority, though we keen to provide fast support for tickets with low and medium priority, too.

Though we usually work 24/7 (yes, even on Sunday), because we take our job to home – our office hours are 8AM-6PM CET (2AM-noon EDT) from Monday to Friday. So, please don’t expect to get immediate response on urgent ticket sent on Sunday night.

It is very very very important to choose appropriate type when submitting your ticket. Scheduled time for supported themes is not the same as scheduled time for non-supported themes, so if you choose to raise an urgent ticket for Campaign and you raised an urgent ticket for The Cause instead, you will be waiting at least 3 times longer than expected.

Try to be as specific as possible, it will help us to help you faster. Please make sure to describe only one issue per ticket. Please don’t create tickets with list of 3, 7, 12, … issues – if you have one issue per ticket, there is a big chance to be supported by two or three staff members at the same time. Therefore, you will get our help much faster.

Please don’t change status of your tickets unless you are marking them as resolved.

Please don’t mark your tickets as urgent if you have regular help or customization requests or common questions (i.e. what is changed in the latest version of your theme; how can I change color of navigation, etc). This is very unfair to other buyers with actual problems, so we will keep our right to disable this option for you (you will be able to post only low priority tickets).

Please don’t reply via email, use only this support system.

If it is asked from you, please create a temporary admin account for our support members and provide login details in your reply on this support site. Don’t send it via email. Your tickets are private and hidden from other users.

VERY IMPORTANT: please please don’t bump your threads every 2 hours. You will loose your order in the waiting queue. Please don’t raise another ticket with the same issue if you didn’t receive an answer on the open one.

We usually provide code for customized widgets/shortcodes/page template free of charge – so play fair, please don’t expect results after 10 minutes, just because your client is in rush. If you want an urgent coding and customization, please send an email on and our CTO will evaluate the price and turnaround time for your request.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: please don’t be rude. We keep our right to warn your account (only low priority tickets are available for warned users) or even to ban you and report to Envato.

We DO look forward to serving you, but we really need just a basic understanding and patience from you. Thank you!